Feeding Twins (Part 1)

How To Feed Twins

Before the babies blessed us with their presence, I did an ample amount of research around feeding. In theory it should have been simple: baby hungry. Adult feed baby. Baby full. Baby happy. But alas! When you have twins, it’s not quite as easy as A, B, C…

As soon as it was common knowledge that I was expecting twins, people would immediately comment on how it would be impossible to breastfeed two babies. Now, I am not suggesting that this would not have been a hard, even gruelling task, but not technically impossible. I wanted to keep an open, realistic mind. I said to myself: I would like to try and express to feed our babies so that my husband Pete could help, whilst giving the babies the best nutrition. If it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, then formula it is. A fed baby is best, right?



How to feed twins simultaneously. Use a curved cushion to keep your babies still whilst you feed them at the same time. Here is Daddy tandem bottle feeding our baby twins. He looks rather proud of himself!



Once I had accepted that I would not put pressure on myself to feed in one particular way, I felt quite calm about it all. Being the organised fairy that I am, I wanted to purchase all of the products that I needed for expressing, as well as formula, quite early on in my pregnancy. I bought a second-hand double breast pump from eBay (have you SEEN how much they are brand new??), MAM baby bottles (these have been fab! Will talk more about these in another post) as well as formula powder and breastmilk storage bags. I was equipped and ready for every eventuality.

However, one thing I wasn’t organised with and severely regretted not doing during my pregnancy was not reading the instructions on how to actually use the breast pump or how to sterilise the baby bottles. Now imagine, post emergency C-section, 10.30pm finally discharged from hospital and stumbling through our front door with two screaming, ravenous babies…and I needed to sit down and read an instruction manual on how to make this sucking contraption work before my boobs exploded…terrific. Don’t do this at home people. Learn from this. READ INSTRUCTIONS IN ADVANCE. You will not have the energy or mental capacity to do this straight after birth. My bad.


How to feed twins at the same time. Use curved cushions to keep your babies in place whilst you feed them. Here are our baby twins sitting in curved cushions ready to be bottle fed.




Simultaneously bottle feeding baby twins. Sometimes we have to wind and feed at the same time too!


Feeding Twins Simultaneously

The one thing that really stuck in my mind when researching the most effective ways to feed twins was to feed them at the same time. This enables both babies to be on the same schedule, thus helping you to avoid becoming a feeding conveyor belt. So from day one that was what we did. If one baby woke up for their feed, the other one would get fed. It didn’t take long for the twins to become in sync with each other and wanting to be fed at the same time. I was lucky that Pete had three weeks with us at home, as well as my in-laws staying for two weeks, so I had support to feed the twins at the same time. But what was I to do when I was on my own with two hungry little humans?  

I needed an item that would help keep the babies in position so that I could feed them both on my own. That was when I stumbled across these fantastic curved pillows (or doughnuts as Pete and I call them, see in photograph). These enabled us to independently and simultaneously feed our twins. The first time I did this successfully, I honestly felt like I was winning at life (can I get an applause and a gold sticker please?) I felt so proud that we had cracked how to single-handedly feed baby twins. Now all I had to do was master how to express to feed two babies at the same time. Piece of cake…?

Coming Up On Our Next Post…

Part two: My experiences of expressing and feeding twins at the same time. Yes, you read that right..AT THE SAME TIME! Check it out!



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