What To Pack In A Baby Changing Bag

What To Pack In A Baby Changing Bag

Are you a new parent feeling overwhelmed about how to get out of the house with your new bundle of joy? Do you want to know what baby paraphernalia you will need to take with you? Or perhaps you’re parents-to-be and are trying to get your heads around how you would organise yourselves when adventuring out for the day. Well, not to fear as in this post I’m going to share with you my tips on how to pack a baby’s changing bag.

Whilst we were in our new born haze and cabin fever reached a peak we finally decided to brave the outdoors (when I say outdoors, I mean go for a 10 minute hobble and then straight back again…the joys of having a C-section). However once I’d built up my strength we decided to actually go out for longer…which would mean feeding the babies too….gulp!

Now, any new parent will understand the anxiety that goes with preparing to take a baby out and have to feed and change it. What do I need to pack? Apart from everything?? You have no idea where to start because you don’t actually know what you’ll need. At first I would look like I was preparing for a long haul flight with how much I’d take out with me. Now, after many attempts, I think we’ve finally got our heads around it and can now get our bag ready in under 10 minutes.

As we have twins I have to pack double of some items, however the list below can also work for one baby, just take off some of the extras.



How to pack a baby changing bag. Do you wonder what items you need to pack into your baby’s changing bag? Follow this list to find out all of the essential items you will need.



Items To Pack Into A Baby’s Changing Bag

Here are my tried and tested tips on how to successfully pack a baby’s changing bag:

  • One flask of boiling water and one flask of cooled boiled water for the formula feed (it was so much easier when I was expressing breast milk as I could just quickly heat it and serve, whereas formula needs a little more preparation…so I was very grateful for this tip from a friend). This way I can make sure the formula powder is mixed with the boiling water first to kill any bacteria, then top up with the cooled water so that it is at drinking temperature (no one wants to wait for a baby’s bottle to cool down whilst they’re decibels perforate one’s eardrums…) so this works well.

  • 4 pots of formula powder. I always take enough for two feeds for the babies, you never know how long you may be out for! I always like to be extra prepared.

  • 4 sterilised bottles. I use the MAM self-sterilising bottles which are fab (I have written more about our experiences of using self-sterilising bottles in our Formula Feeding post)

  • A couple of emergency ready made milks

  • Bibs and muslin cloths

  • Two spare sleep suits and two vests (for those delightful poo explosions that only make an appearance when we’re out and about…)

  • Nappies, wet wipes, hand sanitiser and nappy bags. These are all stored in my travel nappy changing mat. This is very useful when you cannot find anywhere to place your baby down to change them

You may have noticed that each item is packed into a zipper bag and then kept in my rucksack. Having the items in separate bags help to keep things organised and nothing gets lost. I also prefer to carry everything in a rucksack as it leaves me hands-free (an essential when looking after two babies!)

I am sure that this list will adapt as the babies grow (I am already considering adding calpol and teething gel to this list with all of the tears we have recently had, bless them).


What Are Your Essential Baby Changing Bag Items?

What do you pack in your baby’s changing bag? Are there some items that I haven’t mentioned that you just could not do without? Let us know in the comments section below!



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