Parents Hacks: How To Survive Life With a Newborn Baby (Part 1)

How To Survive Life With A Newborn Baby

As you are thrown into the whirlwind of keeping a newborn baby alive, you will desperately start searching for tips and advice on how to make life that little bit easier. Here are some of my little tips that helped me to get through the first few months of motherhood:

  • As a new parent you need to invest in a coat with big pockets. I mean, BIG pockets. Like, if Narnia did pockets. The amount of stuff you need to have to hand or stash away is unbelievable. My coat pockets currently contain: two baby hats, one oyster card, a pair of gloves, one silencer (aka a dummy), chewing gum, a baby rattle, a credit card and a collection of house and car keys.

  • If you are using formula, pot up your powder into portions for the night feeds. Then at 2.34am you can just tip the powder into the bottles, rather than deliriously counting and then miscounting the scoops. As we have twins and they are on different amounts of formula, I also label them to make sure I know which pots are for which baby.


Parent Hacks: How to survive life with a newborn baby. If you are using formula, pot up the correct amount of scoops for the night feeds so that you are ready to feed throughout the night.

  • White noise will rescue you from any screaming baby. As soon as I put it on we go from ear-shattering wails to silent, sleeping babies. It’s truly magic and works every time. Download an app now!

  • Use the line at the front of the baby’s nappy to see if it’s wet or not. A dry nappy will have a yellow line and a wet one will be blue.

  • If a baby’s nappy has leaked everywhere (and if you’re one of our babies, this will happen often…), pull their vest down over their shoulders rather than over their head to avoid your baby being a poo head. Ha.

  • To stop losing baby socks in the wash, use a mesh laundry bag to wash your socks in. This will stop them from disappearing into the wash cycle, never to be seen again.

  • To stop your baby from being distracted whilst feeding, put a colourful sock / puppet on the end of your finger and hold it up for the baby to look at whilst they drink their milk.

Baby twins bottle feeding

Parent Hacks: How to stop a baby being distracted during feeding time. Put a sock or puppet on your finger to keep them focused on feeding, rather than looking around.

  • To make sure your baby swallows their medicine (this works really well if you have a baby that spits out calpol / teething powder etc) is to give them a little bit, then quickly give them something to suck on (I use my knuckle but you could use a dummy or a bottle) to encourage your baby to swallow. This makes sure that they take their medicine rather than automatically spitting it back out. This works for us every time!

  • To make sure your baby changing bag is always ready for the next outing, replenish it as soon as you come in from your day trip. Almost as soon as I walk in the door, I empty the things that I have used (baby bottles, formula pots, bibs and nappies) and restock immediately. That way, when I need to use it for the next time, I know that the only thing I need to put in it will be sterilised bottles and hot water. Easy!

  • Swaddle babies to help them drift off to sleep. This mimics being in the womb and helps them to feel safe and secure (and they look adorable too!)

Baby twins swaddled to sleep

Swaddle babies to help them feel safe and secure. This mimics being in the womb and helps them to sleep.


  • Use your time effectively to complete jobs around the house. Even when I’m waiting for the Prep Machine to fill a baby’s bottle, I quickly put a few items away from the draining board or put the laundry on to wash. This helps to keep the chores to a minimum.

  • Put a small tin on your nappy changing table and use as a miniature bin to hold your nappy bags in place. This way you can hold your baby whilst putting the dirty nappy straight into this tin, rather than trying to shake the nappy bag open then try and wrestle the soiled nappy into it.

Nappy bag bin for a baby changing station

Parent Hack: use a small tin as a nappy bag bin to keep your nappy bags in place whilst you are changing your little one’s nappy.

Any Other Tips?

Do you have any other tips or advice for surviving life with a newborn baby? Let us know in the comments section below.



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