Parents Hacks: How To Survive Life With a Newborn Baby (Part 2)

How To Survive Life With A Newborn Baby (Part 2)

As you are thrown into the whirlwind of keeping a newborn baby alive, you will desperately start searching for tips and advice on how to make life that little bit easier. Here is part 2 of my little tips that helped me to get through the first few months of motherhood:

  • Always think ahead of items that you will need in the future and buy them during the sales. I bought our two high chairs and stair gates when the babies were 2 months old, ha! I know it may sound ridiculous, but I know they are items we will definitely need so I wanted to make sure we got them at the best price possible.

  • When feeding twins, once they have strong neck control, you can use one hand to lift one baby up after feeding to allow to burp, whilst the other baby finishes their feed. This is what we like to call the ‘lift and burp!’

Baby twins bottle feeding, the lift and burp

Parent Hacks: The ‘Lift and Burp’. When feeding twins, once they have strong neck control you can lift one baby to burp whilst the other one finishes their feed.

  • CAYG (Clean As You Go). This has literally saved me from living in an environment similar to Jumanji. For example, as I finish changing a baby’s nappy I make sure I have wiped down the changing mat, restocked the nappy bag tin and packed away any stray clothes before I leave the room. This means I don’t have to go back in later to tidy before the next nappy change.

  • No matter how tired I may feel in the morning, I always wash my face and put a little bit of make up on. I found this helped to lift my mood and feel more human. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Ooooh AND dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will be your best friend.

  • Prop baby books across the sofa and put your babies underneath it to keep them entertained

Baby twins underneath baby book. Baby entertainment

Parent Hacks: Prop a book over the sofa and put your babies underneath to keep them entertained.

  • Distraction, distraction, distraction! If I have been holding one baby for a while and I know they’ll probably be grizzly when put back down, I try and distract them, such as making them laugh / singing to them as I put them down into their chair/floor. More often than not, because I’m acting like such a buffoon the baby doesn’t notice that they have been put down. #winning

  • But following on from that last point, please remember that babies will cry! It is how they communicate. So long as they are not hungry, have a wet nappy, cold/hot, unwell or need comfort, they are probably just expressing themselves (in the noisiest way possible…!) Don’t be alarmed. I try and keep myself sane in these situations by singing along with their cries. If you are finding the crying too much, take a couple of minutes and then go back to them. So long as they are safe where they are they will not come to any harm. Then once you feel ready you can go back and continue to distract / comfort / dance / sing through the cries. Good luck!

  • If you need to entertain your babies whilst you have 5 minutes to get dressed / brush your teeth / have a wee… use the washing machine as the ultimate #freebabyentertainment. Works every time for us!

Babies entertained by washing machine

Parent Hacks: Use the washing machine as entertainment for your babies!


  • Do not spend more money than you need to on baby vests. Buy the basic ones. No one will see them and I can guarantee that they will be stained with yellow poo. Don’t waste your money on expensive poo catchers. That’s just silly.

    To keep tummy time interesting, use patterned bibs to encourage your baby to keep their head up for as long as possible.

Baby tummy time

Parent Hacks: Use a patterned bib to keep your baby entertained during tummy time.


Any Other Tips?

Do you have any other tips or advice for surviving life with a newborn baby? Let us know in the comments section below.



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