Bath Time Routine: How To Bathe Twins

How To Bathe Twins On Your Own

Do you wonder how to bathe twins by yourself? In this post I will share with you the steps I take to survive bathing twins.

Pete and I did not start bathing the twins until they were at least three weeks old. We just topped and tailed them at the start as they never seemed to get dirty (how could they? They literally would just lay around all day drinking, pooing and sleeping). We topped and tailed them by using a bowl of warm water and cotton wool and would wipe their little faces, necks and bottoms. Newborn baby’s skin is really delicate so it doesn’t need any soaps to start with too. However as time went on we decided to be brave and go for it. It was finally time to bathe the twins.

The thing is, when you’re a twin parent, it is inevitable that you will be abandoned to take on the challenging of bathing two babies…on your own. No this is not a joke.

How are you supposed to bathe TWO babies?? And all of you come out of it alive?


Before I explain our routine, please let me put in a disclaimer: for most of our bathing nights we are serenaded by one of the twin’s delightful decibels. It’s normally from the baby who is waiting for their turn to have a bath (I try and rotate it…whenever Beatrice will let me…she is such a diva). I am now very used to this and will sometimes even try to sing along to the baby vocals., just to try and keep the babies calm (and me sane).

How To Bathe Twins:

Here is our routine of bathing our baby twins:

Bathing baby twins. How to bathe new born twins

How to bathe twins on your own: I sometimes keep one baby next to me in their baby chair whilst I bathe the other baby.


Our babies have their last bottle of the day (we feed and then bath them so that they do not associate needing to be fed in order to get to sleep). Once the twins have finished having their milk I run the bath (make sure you run the cold tap first and then the hot, to avoid the bottom of the bath tub getting heated up by the hot water and then potentially burning your baby’s skin) and then get out all of the items I will need and set it out ready on the changing top. This includes: two sleep suits, two vests, nappy changing items, coconut oil/lotion and a towel (I use one towel between the two of them…they each only use up half a towel as they’re still quite small).

How to bathe twins on your own: Preparation is vital! Before I bathe the babies I always make sure I have laid out all of the things I will need so that I am ready. Two sleep suits, two vests, nappy changing items and a towel.

How to bathe twins on your own: Preparation is vital! Before I bathe the babies I always make sure I have laid out all of the things I will need so that I am ready. Two sleep suits, two vests, nappy changing items and a towel.


Choose one baby (normally the one who seems to be in the happier mood…although at this time of night that’s pretty tricky…) to strap into a baby seat and put them into the bathroom / just outside of the bathroom. I do this to watch over that baby whilst I’m bathing the other one. (Of course you would never leave a baby on its own in the bath, but having the other one near to you helps to keep them calm whilst they’re waiting to be bathed). I also try and set up something to keep this baby entertained, such as propping up a book for them to look at, or placing them in front of the mirror so that they can look at themselves.

Twin baby entertained by sitting in front of a mirror

How to bathe baby twins on your own: I keep one baby entertained whilst I bathe the other baby. Putting them in front of a mirror works rather well!

I then take the first baby into the bedroom, take their clothes off, wipe around their nappy area, dispose of their nappy and take them into the bathroom, ready for their bath.

I begin by testing the water with my wrist to make sure the water is at the right temperature. I then lower the baby into the baby bath seat (we used a baby bath to begin with as they were so small, but ours have now grown out of it so we use a seat instead) and leave them to settle into the water for about half a minute. At first the babies would just lie there like dead fish, not moving at all. But now they kick their little legs and smile. It’s adorable.

Once they have settled into the water, I wipe the baby’s face with a flannel and then pour water over their body and then use a baby soap/body wash to wash their neck, underarms, fingers, Michelin thigh rolls and in between their toes (You would NOT believe how dusty babies get under their necks and in between their fingers and toes. At one point it looked like I had let them play inside the Dyson hoover…oops). Then rinse off.

I then move onto washing their hair (or heads in our case…still waiting for the hair to sprout) and really scrub behind their ears…it gets really gross behind there. I have also recently discovered the magic of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil for cradle cap. Francis had a bad case of it, but after coating his scalp with the oil after the bath, it has now almost completely cleared up! Amazing!

Baby twin in bath seat during bath time. How to bathe twins on your own

How to bathe twins on your own: I use bath seat to keep the babies in place whilst I wash them.


I then tuck the towel underneath my chin, pick the baby out of the bath, wrap them up and take them to the nursery where I’ll quickly cover them in lotion or coconut oil, put their sleep suit on and tuck into bed.

And then guess what? I do it all over again. Deja vu?

I love this routine as it helps the babies to settle for bedtime. They will now fall asleep as soon as they get into their cot. At first I followed this routine every day to teach them how to wind down for the night (I know this goes over the bathing recommendations, but I really wanted to get the babies into a bedtime routine. I just made sure I hardly used any soap or lotion to prevent their skin drying out). Because we have been consistent with this, we now only need to bathe the babies every other day and they still continue to settle well. On their non-bathing nights I will still cover the babies in lotion/oil before putting their sleep suits on. I am sure they now associate this smell with bed time. As I have practised this over the last few months, I can now get them both fed, bathed and into bed in just under an hour!

What Does Your Routine Look Like?

Do you have any other tips on bathing babies? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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