Snapshot Sunday: Twins Hold Hands For The First Time

Snapshot Sunday: Twins Hold Hands For The First Time

Welcome to Snapshot Sunday! The blog post where I share a fabulous photo that captures our experiences of raising twins.

As soon as the twins were born Pete went to look after them whilst I continued to remain in theatre for some time. Once finally out of there, I was desperate to properly see their little faces and learn what each baby looked like. I wanted to see the colour of their eyes and shade of their hair, the shape of their little button noses and to see if they looked more like me or Pete.

Luckily the babies could stay with us on the ward as they were healthy and strong (how amazing is that? Especially for twins). It’s funny how the world revolves around capturing precious moments through the lens of your phone, yet Pete and I did not take pictures for a while. We wanted to actually live in this moment. The moment where we were with our brand new babies. No distractions please. This was our precious time.

After being mesmerised by our tiny twins, we tried to have a quick nap (we had been awake for over 24 hours…). Suddenly the midwife called: ‘Quick! Get your phone! Your babies are holding hands!’ As Pete rushed for his phone I glanced over at the babies. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Our baby twins, who were one day old, were holding hands. Oh. My. Cue happy tears.

New baby twins holding hands.

New baby twins holding hands.

I know it’s so important not to focus too much on getting the perfect snap and miss out on the fabulous moments your little ones bring, but I am so so grateful the midwife helped us to capture this incredible memory.

What Was Your First Photograph?

What was your first snap that you got of your little bundles of joy?



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