Quick Fix Friday: How To Make Nappy Changing Simple

Quick Fix Friday: How To Make Nappy Changing Simple

Welcome to Quick Fix Friday! The blog post of the week where I share a tiny tip that has helped me survive with my baby twins. Sometimes, in the delirious, sleep-deprived haze, it’s the little things that stop you from snot crying over spilled breast milk (do you REALISE how long it takes to express that stuff?? Anyway…).

Here is my tiny tip of the week:

How To Make Nappy Changing Simple

Setting up the changing area was one of my favourite jobs. Making sure every section was carefully planned and put together ready for the twins’ arrival created much anticipation (and calmed my inner OCD gremlin).

Once the twins were finally here, I quickly noticed that I was fumbling around with the nappy bags, trying to desperately capture the hideous nappy stink bomb before we got covered in that awful baby poo (how…HOW can it smell THAT bad??!). Being a twin mumma, double nappy changes meant I repeated this process many times a day. I was growing increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t open the nappy bag whilst wrestling with the babies (how come if you look away for a second they’ve managed to plunge their foot straight into the poo and spread it across the whole room?? UHHH?!). I needed a solution.


Parent hacks. Parent tips. Tips an advice for parents. How to make nappy changing easier.

How to make your nappy changing area organised and simple


That’s when I took one of my stationary tins and started using it as a miniature nappy bin. I would open the nappy bag and put it into the tin, ready to capture the next stink bomb. The great thing about using this is that you can put the nappy into the bag one handed, whilst attempting to control your baby’s unpredictable octopus legs. It’s the simple things in life that make it better, don’t you agree?

Do You Have Any Tricks?

Do you have any suggestions on how to make nappy changing time a little easier?


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