Quick Fix Friday: Baby Changing Stations

Quick Fix Friday: Baby Changing Stations

Welcome to Quick Fix Friday! The blog post of the week where I share a tiny tip that has helped me survive with my baby twins. Sometimes, in the delirious, sleep-deprived haze, it’s the little things that stop you from snot crying over spilled breast milk (do you REALISE how long it takes to express that stuff?? Anyway…).

Here is my tiny tip of the week:

Setting Up Baby Changing Stations Around Your Home

As I prepared for our new arrivals, I tried to plan for every eventuality (you’re not that surprised really are you?). I knew the likelihood of having a caesarean was quite high so I had that in my mind as I organised all of the baby paraphernalia around our home. Although I had taken a lot of pride in setting up my baby changing station in the nursery, I knew that after day 1 of walking up and down the stairs every 2 hours day and night to change a nappy was not going to last.

So to help ease the nappy changing fiasco I set up baskets of baby changing items around the house. These included: nappies, baby wipes, cream, nappy bags, 2 spare sleep suits and 2 spare vests (ready for any nappy leakage!). Pete laughed at me as I placed them around the house, but as soon as we had two 5 day old babies come home from hospital at 10.30pm, I can tell you he was rather grateful. It’s the small things I find that really help and this was one of them.

Setting up mini changing stations around your house can help with the endless day and night nappy changes.

Setting up mini changing stations around your house can help with the endless day and night nappy changes.


Baby changing basket. Advice for parents. Parent Hacks

Put mini baby changing baskets around your home so you can easily change your babies.

Do You Have Any Tricks?

Do you have any little tricks that helped to ease the nappy changing times?


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