My Blogging Secret…!

My Blogging Secret..!

Having baby twins, a house move and redecorating. Of course I needed something else to keep me busy during my maternity leave… Anyone who knows me and is reading this will laugh and probably mutter ‘typical’, but truth be told, I can’t help keeping busy. I think I might actually be a…workaholic…I don’t mean to make myself so busy but I think it’s the thrill of learning new things. My brain loves new challenges and being on mat leave wasn’t going to change that. Of course raising twins is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I needed something to keep my brain stimulated during this time too.

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That’s when I stumbled across blogging. Honestly, before I took the scary leap and signed up to WordPress, I don’t think I had ever read a blog. I didn’t really understand this unknown community but wanted to learn fast. Having twins, I felt like I had so much experience to share. But where to start??

That’s when I stumbled across Aby Moore’s You Baby Me Mummy Blog (you MUST check her out if you haven’t already!). Her fabulous advice and tips have helped me so much. And how do I stay so organised whilst looking after my 5 month old twins? Here’s my secret….

The Ultimate Blog Biz Spreadsheet

The 16 page value-packed spreadsheets includes:

  • Content calendar

  • Content plan

  • IG schedule

  • Email calendar

  • Action board

  • Daily schedule

  • Invoice record

  • Blog Biz finances

  • Competitor research tracking

  • Social Media Editorial Calendar

  • Project decision maker

  • Monthly stats tracker

  • Repurposing tracker

  • Influencer networking tracker

  • Posts by category

  • Exposure tracking

It helps me to stay organised and on track.


Find the link to this fabulous pack here (affiliated link):

The Ultimate Blog Biz Spreadsheet

Good luck and happy blogging!



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