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Mumma Foxfairy here. A big smile and a warm welcome to you all.

How do you manage having twins? Read our blog for inspiration!

Back in February 2016, when I peed on a white stick and it looked up at me screaming ‘Haha guess what? You’re pregnant!’ I nearly passed out whilst choking on my Pinot (and then begrudgingly poured the rest away…). Fast forward to our week 12 scan, as if finding out we would be expecting a little bundle of joy in 9 months wasn’t enough of a shock, the sonographer cheerily informs my husband and I there were in fact, TWO babies hiding in there – ‘there are two heartbeats – you’re having twins!’


With my slight (understatement) OCD tendencies and need for organisation, my brain went into overload. ‘How many nappies will I need for the next 24 months…?’ ‘Is it possible to feed two babies at the same time…?’ Do I actually need double of everything…?’ Google felt my initial panic as I scrawled through the endless baby blogs and posts. However, I couldn’t find enough information on how people actually organised their lives to accommodate for the arrival of twins.

And that is where the Foxfairy Twins were born. Starting out on Instagram, I began to share how we were surviving the day-to-day trials and tribulations of living with new born twins. Yet, attempting to document all of the details, I found I couldn’t quite fit everything I wanted to in our little life of squares. So, that was when we started capturing our snapshots of life in this lovely little blog.

It’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to share our little experiences with you all. The anecdotes are not necessarily in chronological order, rather mere snippets as they pop up. We hope you find it as delightful as we have capturing it all. Big hugs and fairy dust x