Organising a Baby Dresser

How To Organise A Baby Dresser

As soon as I found out I was expecting twins, my brain went into overdrive…WHAT items do I need for two babies? HOW will I organise all of the new baby paraphernalia? WHERE am I going to store all of the baby clothes? WHEN am I going to find the time to do it? These questions just spiralled out of control. My anxiety levels were through the roof.

For any person who has slight (understatement) OCD tendencies, the one antidote to feeling overwhelmed is to gain control of the situation. So this was what I set out to achieve. Logically, the first thing I would need is furniture. Furniture to store all of the stuff. The baby stuff. So out I went and braved the furniture jungle AKA @ikea and purchased a dresser and draw dividers. (FYI: ikea furniture should come with a health warning that it could end your marriage as you fight over which peg goes into which hole…

…erm…sounds ominous…moving on…


My Goal

This was the type of organisation I wanted to achieve:


So, once the dresser had been assembled, it was time to actually start buying items to go into it. But where do you start? I know, nappies. Everyone says you always need an endless supply of nappies, right? And wet wipes, they go alongside nappies. And where do you start with clothing? It seems ridiculous to buy actual clothes for babies that will never care about the fashion statement that you have forced them to wear…and lets be honest…they are just going to poo and be sick on it.

Steps To Organise A Baby’s Dresser

Here are the steps of how to organise a baby’s dresser:

Top Surface

Organize a baby’s dresser. Here are the items you will need for your baby’s nursery. Includes: nappies, wet wipes, changing mat, Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, Sudocream, hand sanitiser, nappy bags and a baby monitor.

On top of the dresser I store:

  • Changing mat (hand made by me I would like to add, whoop!), basket for nappies and wet wipes, @lucybeecoconut oil to make their skin soft and smell great, Sudocream, hand sanitiser, nappy bags and a tin to hold the nappy bags like a bin so that the nappies do not touch the surface, baby monitor and pretty things (you need something to make it personal, I think). All of these products are my regular go-tos, so having them on top and well organised means I can access everything immediately…which is perfect for when I have to deal with those delightful poo explosions (how ON EARTH do they get poo all the way up to their necks anyway????)

Top Draws

top draws.JPG
Nursery dresser items. Includes: bibs, hats, hairbands, socks, tights, muslin cloths, medical items, lotion and wet wipes.
  • Top draw 1: An endless supply of bibs (pretty ones that will liven up a white sleep suit), hats and hairbands (sorry, I know, ridiculous for a baby to have hairbands, but it was my little splurge)

  • Top draw 2: An embarrassing amount of muslin cloths (no, you do not need 40, which is what we ended up with, don’t ask), baby socks and tights

  • Top draw 3: This is the medical draw. It has a thermometer, nappy rash cream, infacol (for trapped wind), baby vapour rub, nail clippers, hair brush and comb, teething gel, a bogie sucker thing (the most disgusting thing I have ever had to use. To date) and hand sanitizer. At the back of this draw I also keep one bottle of Johnson baby lotion, talcum powder and spare nappy bags

  • Top draw 4: Enough baby wipes to clean about 47,039 bum cheeks

Middle Draws

middle draws.JPG
Nursery dresser items. Includes: baby clothing that currently fits the babies, such as vests, sleep suits, leggings, tops and dresses, and the second draw contains the same items but these are in the next size up, so that I am prepared for when they grow out of their current clothing.
  • Middle draw 1: This draw is for clothes that fit now. It has vests, long sleeved vests, sleep suits, leggings, tops, dresses and cardigans. Having all of the clothing that you will currently need in one draw means you only have to go to that one, not have to faff around in various draws trying to find leggings that go with a particular top.

  • Middle draw 2: This is for clothes that the babies will grow into. It basically has the same items from the list above (I know, crazy, but I like to be organised and prepared!)

  • *Most of our items are gender neutral. It makes dressing the babies so much easier

Bottom Draws

bottom draws.JPG
Nursery dresser items. These draws contain blankets, sheets, covers, extra nappies and wet wipes and other items that I needed to put away, such as keep-sake boxes.

  • Bottom draw 1: This contains everything bedding-related such as bed sheets, swaddles, blankets, waterproof mattress protectors. Then on the side I store all of the extra baby stock such as nappies

  • Bottom draw 2: To be honest…random stuff I don’t know how else to categorise and sort. Everyone needs a random draw don’t they? We can’t be perfect. I have some precious keep-sake items in here too (will probably have to move these though once the fairies are on the move!)


Do You Have Any Tips To Share?

So there you have how to organise your baby’s nursery dresser. I hope this has been helpful. Do you have any tips on how you organise baby items successfully? We would love to hear your thoughts! Share in the comment box below.



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