Takeover Tuesday: How To Cope With Newborn Twins

Takeover Tuesday: How To Cope With Newborn Twins  by Two Little Misters

 I can hardly believe it, but in just a couple of months, my twins will be turning two! This second year has gone far faster than the first, but I still haven’t forgotten the early days. As much as I tried to prepare myself for having two babies, there was still a huge adjustment period when they were born, and the learning curve continues!

Caring for two babies’ needs and responding to their individual likes and dislikes is massively rewarding, but it’s also hard work! Here are a few pieces advice I would offer to anyone with newborn twins.

You can’t always do it all and you can’t feel bad about it.

 With the best will in the world, and even with all the bouncers/swings/rockers and your house looking like a creche, you just can’t. Sometimes one baby does have to cry for a little bit whilst you are doing something else.  There might even be times when both will cry and you can’t figure out what’s wrong. And yes, you probably will feel like a mean mummy, but you are doing your best! There are also some things that have to be non-negotiable, like a daily shower (even if it is only 2 minutes to feel human again). It may sound harsh to some but there is nothing more you can do than your best.

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Don’t feel too guilty about taking little shortcuts that make life easier.

 The newborn stage is not forever (though it might feel like it at 4am when you’re still up with one or two colicky babies). So, if you need to have the odd takeaway to give you time to work on that mountain of laundry, do it.


Plan ahead where possible.

 It really helps to get organised where you can with twins. Not only do you have to pack a changing bag for two and no doubt manoeuvre a huge pram in and out of the car and house, but all the places you used to frequent are a new experience with two babies along for the ride. If you are heading to a shopping centre, for example (and especially if you are going it alone), it will be ten times more manageable if you can snag a parent and child parking bay. And it’s handy to know where the best changing facilities are, should you need them.


Get out for fresh air every day.

 When you’re running low on sleep and it takes so long to get everyone ready and out the door, it may be the last thing you feel like doing. But it can make the world of difference. People find twins fascinating and will always stop to talk to you. You will probably hear the same old clichés over and over, but you’ll never tire of people telling you how beautiful your babies are and how well you’re doing for getting out of the house!


And finally –

 There are some things you just can’t do on your own – and you only find out through experience.

 I discovered this when the car needed refuelling for the first time after my husband returned to work. I didn’t want to leave my babies locked in the car whilst I dashed to pay. Nor did I feel it would be safe to traipse across the forecourt with them. I ended up telephoning all the local service stations to see if any of them offered a ‘pay at pump’ service. None of them did. (In the end, I went to a garage with no other customers. I parked at the pump nearest the pay point and was very quick, but since then I have only filled up when someone else is with me!)


It is difficult at times, and I never shy away from admitting that when asked. But the trials and tribulations are overshadowed when you experience the huge sense of pride that goes along with nourishing and nurturing not one, but two small babies!



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