Tips For Mums-To-Be (Part 2: Hospital Bag)

Tips For Mums-To-Be

In our previous post we discussed  our Tips For Mums-To-Be (Part 1: Pregnancy). Now, approaching the third trimester, every Mum-to-be will be told to pack a hospital bag ready for the birth. Cue the Google search. There are endless lists online advising which items you should pack…but what do you actually need to take with you (apart from the obvious toothbrush and change of clothes)? Below is a list of essential items to pack for your stay in hospital.


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

  • You will need lots of big knickers. And I mean, REALLY big. After birth, not only does your tummy resemble something similar to a deflated bouncy castle, it will be tender from giving birth, whether that be natural or by caesarean. My high-waisted, three sizes bigger than normal, Primark granny pants were perfect post C-section attire. They sat comfortably over my scar and were big enough to hold in place the pads that I had to wear afterwards (I didn’t realise how much you would bleed post-birth). The great thing with having cheap knickers is that if they do get stained you can just chuck them away.

  • Which brings me onto my second point: you will need to wear thick pads after birth. Yes, the hospital will provide you with some (but they are similar to 3 stacked Ryvitas all bundled into one…) so I preferred using my own ones that had wings to make sure they stayed in place.

Polka dot weekend bag

What to pack in your hospital bag

  • Large, or better still, maternity clothes to wear home. I am sorry to break the news but your amazing body has grown two babies for many months, it’s going to take a while to shrink back down. The reality is you will leave with your bundles of joy…still looking like you’re 6 months pregnant. Be easy on yourself, you have just created a miracle (or two!).

  • Wet wipes / face wipes, lip balm and moisturiser to freshen up throughout the day. Helps you to feel more human.

  • A sleep mask. Hospitals are always brightly lit so if you can block it out so that you can rest for a few precious moments in between the 2 hourly feeds then do it.

  • Take a pair of slippers to use around the ward. It’s common to have to wear extremely tight socks after surgery to avoid blood clots. These are so long, it’s good to have something on your feet to avoid slipping around.

  • Music and magazines in abundance to break up the day.

  • A purse with lots of change for the car park and vending machine.

  • Lots of dried snacks such as breakfast bars, raisins and oat cakes and drinks such as cartons of orange juice to help keep your strength up.

Oliver Bonas multicoloured bird make-up bag

Remember to pack your hospital bag in advance so that you are ready if your little bundle of joy decides to make an early arrival!

  •  Hospitals do have breast pumps that you can borrow but I wish I had taken my own in so that I didn’t stress about getting one when I needed it.

  • Pack LOTS of breast pads! I bought disposable ones at first, then moved onto reusable bamboo ones…so…soft…

  • You must must must use nibble balm after every feed. Let’s just say, if you don’t…you wont make that mistake again.

  • Write a list of people you would like to contact after you have given birth. It might sound a bit like crazy organisation but it is so helpful when you are so distracted by the new babies, hormones, sleep deprivation and adrenaline.

  • Baby sleep suits, baby vests, mittens to stop your babies from scratching themselves (if not already attached to the sleep suits), baby hats, tiny nappies, nappy bags, wet wipes, nappy cream, baby blankets and coats to wear home.

  • Some people like to also take a ‘going home outfit’ for the babies to wear. Cute for the photos.


What Were Your Essential Hospital Items?

Are there any items that you could not have done without during your hospital stay? Which were your hospital must-haves? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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