Tips For Mums-To-Be (Part 3: Postpartum)

Tips For Mums-To-Be (Postpartum)

You’ve been growing your little bundle of joy for 9 months, you have been Googling every article to do with pregnancy and birth, but what about when you actually have your baby in your arms and the midwife says: ‘You’re being discharged today, it’s time for you to go home’. What then? I was guilty of spending hours preparing for the pregnancy and birth that I didn’t think much about how I was going to cope with newborn babies. I felt like I should have been vetted or something…’What, so I’m actually allowed to go home…with two babies…do you not want to check that I’m actually capable??’ I felt like I should have had some sort of degree certificate in order to be gifted with such a responsibility. But alas, no. So what tips and advice would I give to someone who has just entered into postpartum?

Newborn baby twins in hospital. One day old babies.

Looking after newborn babies. During postpartum it is really important to take it easy and look after yourselves so that you are able to look after your babies.

  • You must, must must say yes to help. Even if it is to have someone come over for a couple of hours and cook you lunch, bring you milk, do your laundry or let you nap. You are going to be exhausted, overwhelmed and beyond elated. All of your energy will be used up on feeding, changing and just gazing at your brand new baby. Let someone look after all of the other stuff.

  • I wish I had bought some ready made formula as a back up. As I was getting to grips with expressing, I felt massive pressure to pump enough milk for our babies. Having some formula to fall back on would have elevated some stress.

  • It’s normal to check your baby’s breathing. Like, all the time. You are not crazy. Just a new mumma. No apologies needed.

  • Prepare many changing stations or at least have changing supplies around your home. That way you don’t need to keep walking up to the nursery room to change nappies. I did this after day 1. Walking up and down stairs to change nappies every 2-3 hours after a C-section wasn’t going to happen.

  • It is absolutely acceptable to not have guests for the first few weeks if you don’t feel up to it. You have just given birth, you’re trying to fumble your way around learning how to look after a new baby (or more…) and the sleep deprivation will take its toll. Be easy on yourself and see people when you are ready. People are very understanding.


Newborn baby twin with sleeping Daddy

Make sure you look after each other so that you are able to look after your babies. Take it in turns to nap when you can.

  • If you brush your teeth once a day and change your underwear, you are winning at life. I applaud you. I remember the first few days I was home, I had stayed in the same pyjamas for 3 days and didn’t brush my hair (poor Pete). Once I had got into the swing of things I began putting on a little bit of make up and stopped relying on dry shampoo to freshen up. This helped me to realise when it was night and day (as you’re awake all of the time you lose track) and to overall feel more human.

  • One tip that literally saved Pete and I from malfunction was taking it in turns or ‘shifts’ to look after the babies. As I was expressing and topping up with formula Pete was able to bottle feed the babies whilst I had a good 3 hours of sleep (you will not believe how grateful you will be for that much uninterrupted sleep…!) and then I would take over. We didn’t see the point in both of us being painfully exhausted.

  • It’s ok to need a break. I think trying to recover from the birth is demanding enough, let alone then being needed by your baby day and night, every hour of every day. If you need a breather, get someone to watch your baby, even if it’s just for a couple of hours whilst you have a little bit of precious time to yourself. A happy mumma means a happy baby.

Do You Have Any Tips To Share?

Do you have any tips or advice about postpartum that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.



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