How To Make A Sensory Den For Babies

How To Make A Sensory Den For Babies

Hi parents. Do you find, day after day, at home with your little babies, you are sometimes grasping at things to keep your babies entertained? I definitely overthink how to provide stimulation for our babies…and then mum guilt creeps in… Am I doing enough with my babies? Am I reading them enough stories? Talking to them enough? Do we have enough cuddles? The worries are endless.

However, finding myself stuck indoors for the day (our walk had to be abandoned as Francis was unwell) I suddenly had a light bulb moment. Why not just adapt what resources I could find around our flat for the babies?

how to make a sensory den for babies

How to make a sensory den. Babies love to be in small spaces so I put this den together in less than 5 minutes! All you need are a few items that you can find around the house.

That’s when I assembled a sensory den for my baby twins. Let me point our that it is not Pinterest perfect, but it does the job. I only used basic items that can be found around the home and it took less than 5 minutes to put together! I would highly recommend trying this out with your little ones. I know babies love to be enclosed in small spaces as it makes them feel safe and secure. It also gave them the opportunity for their senses to be stimulated. Here is what I did:


Items You Will Need:

  • A sheet

  • Fairy lights

  • String

  • A play gym (optional) or two chairs

  • Optional extras e.g. metal spoons, lavender drops, orange peel, foil, different patterned socks

How To Make It:

  • Using a large sheet, drape it over a play gym or two chairs that are opposite to each other to create a den

  • Attach fairy lights to the play gym or hang lights over the sheet (making sure that they are out of grabbing distance!)

  • If you need to, use string to fasten cloth to stop it from moving

  • If you are feeling adventurous you could attach objects such as spoons, hessian, rattles, different patterned socks etc to string and also hang that from your play gym/chairs so that your baby has more interesting textures to explore and sounds to create

  • To make it extra special before bedtime, you could always turn the lights down really low so that the fairy lights are beautifully bright, play some lullaby music and add a drop of lavender nearby so that it helps them to transition into bedtime.

How easy is that?!

As the babies become stronger, further develop their grasping skills and are able to sit up on their own, I am planning on exploring sensory play in more depth. Watch this space!


It’s great to change the items that you have in the den to keep it interesting for the babies. You could hang some rattles or cutlery from the top of the den so that the babies can make music, add a tiny lavender drop nearby to help bedtime preparations or shine different coloured lights through the top of the den.


Have A Go!

I would love to hear your ideas on what to add to make a den even more spectacular.



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