Tips For Mums-To-Be (Part 1: Pregnancy)

Tips During Pregnancy

If I could go back and give myself some advice about what pregnancy would be like for me, these are the things I would say:

  • Make sure you spend time preparing lots of different things to eat as snacking will become your favourite hobby. I used to watch the clock to see when I could have my next nut bar or cheese sandwich. You are keeping two babies alive, you need to eat.

  • And linking to the first bit of advice, you will experience thirst like you can’t imagine. You’ll go from being happily hydrated to desperately hunting down the nearest tap as your mouth turns dryer than the Sahara. Carry a large water bottle with you.

  • Which leads into point number 3…you will need the loo. All. The. Time. It makes you question whether you could get away with wearing an adult nappy as you stumble towards the bathroom for the 23rd time during the night. Afraid I have no solution to this one.

  • The once heavily relied upon little black dress will become redundant to the garment god that is the stretchy black leggings. I may have worn mine every single day throughout my pregnancy. So comfy to wear over your growing bump (confession time…I may still wear my maternity ones now…no judgement…)

Pregnancy bump in the second trimester with twins.

Second trimester twin bump. This was the stage of pregnancy where I had energy to prepare for the twins’ arrival.

  • Google will be judging you. Random questions will pop into your head at 2.43am, such as ‘will my twins grow a third head if I eat a slither of soft cheese / unwashed lettuce leaf / caffeinated drink’ and you will have no choice but to google it to check. Don’t worry, everyone does it.

  • Pack your hospital bag ahead of time. No one wants their partner to be fumbling around trying to pack baby sleep suits and your granny knickers whilst you’re leaking everywhere and contracting hysterically.

  • Read blogs and review sites to see what baby essentials are ACTUALLY essentials and then start buying. Don’t make the same mistake as us and end up with 40 muslin cloths (I still don’t know how that happened…)

  • Make sure you are aware of all birthing options. The name birth ‘plan’ is a bit misleading. More like a birth ‘maybe you could give birth this way if nothing else happens, but even if it seems all is going to plan it will probably still change…so probably best to expect anything…’ Of course it is important to write down your wishes on how you would like it to go, but don’t expect it to go that way just because it says so on a piece of paper. I didn’t quite appreciate what a major operation a C-section was, especially an emergency one, let alone the actual recovery time. Research, research, research so you are prepared. Knowledge is power.

TfL baby on board badge

TfL Twins on Board! badge. Research is vital when preparing for a new baby, let alone two!

  • Research all feeding options. Even if you are certain you will breastfeed, learn about formula, how to prepare it and how to sterilise bottles. Our babies had to have formula at first as I was in theatre for so long, so not only did Pete not have a clue what he was doing with two brand new babies, he also had to try and feed them this alien milk powder.

  • Also learn how to use the breast pump BEFORE the babies arrive. Because guess what? Once they’re here it’s a little late. Your babies are not going to curb their hunger and patiently wait for you to sit down and casually read the instruction manual on how to make your sucking contraption thing work. They. Will. Scream. And. Scream. And. Scream. AND Scream. Read and learn beforehand. (More information on how I went about Feeding Twins in these previous posts).

  •  Learn how to use your baby monitor before they arrive. You will not have the ability to work out how to make the over-priced walkie talkie work once your babies are here and have kept you up for the past 72 hours…

  • Stock up your freezer by batch cooking meals during your third trimester. This will avoid you suffering from starvation (or at least malnutrition) during the newborn phase. Pete and I couldn’t string a coherent sentence together, let alone make a decision on what to eat. This literally saved us in those first few weeks. And it gives you more precious time to spend with your new bundles of joy. Everybody wins!

Any Other Advice?

What tips would you give to someone who is expecting a little one? If you could go back what advice would you give yourself? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear your thoughts.



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